You are 1 in 400 trillion! You better Slay! 

Hello loves! 
So I decided to jump right in with the 21 Days of Joy. For me this is not just about finding joy, but also a journey of self love and connection. It is so important that we honor ourselves, because I believe that honoring ourselves is a form of worship to the creator. When I think about Allah (God) I think about the reverence that he actually had for human beings. So much so that after He created Adam (pbuh) He commanded the angels and Iblis (Satan before he was Satan) to prostrate before them. Now just think about that for a minute….
Before I go any farther let me be clear, I understand that we could never truly understand fully God’s purpose and reasoning for moving the way that He does, but in my mind that is amazing! He knew that person (Adam) that He created was special. So much so, that when Satan challenged Him saying that he would come from the front, the back,the left and the right to misguide people. God’s response was that He will forgive those who seek sincere repentance. That just makes my heart smile, like seriously that is the ultimate confidence in His creation so why wouldn’t you honor yourself? If God the creator of the heavens and the earth, the one who controls everything to providing provision for you to pay your light bill all the way down to the ants eating when necessary thought enough of you…why don’t you? 
I was watching a TedTalk recently by Mel Robbins, and she referenced a study where scientist have studied the probability of you being born at the exact time that you did was 1 in 400 Trillion! Now girl, that totally stunned me. I mean I kind of think I’m awesome, and if you’re reading this you’re probably awesome too but 1 in 400 Trillion awesome? I remind myself of that when I’m having a difficult day, or pushing past a self imposed limitation. I’m like chick, chill you’re 1 in 400 Trillion and even better than that God created you for this time and space. I just love that, and the more that I think about it I want to honor that. You should too…..because we’re dope! 
Day 1 = Honor yourself! 
Got it? 
If you want to check out that TedTalk with Mel Robbins, which I highly recommend 🙂 Click Here
Until next time loves, 
Asya B.


21 Days of Joy- A Self Care Journey

Hello loves! 
It’s been a quick minute, but I have been one busy woman. I don’t know about you, but for me it seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day or days in a week. As a mom of four, wife, working full time and building a business there is always something that has to be done. As women we have this notion th at we have to be everyone to everything to everyone, and we end up at the bottom. This past weekend I hit a wall! I needed rest and I needed it now so I dedicated Saturday as a self care day. I got up, got dressed and set out on an adventure and the first stop was shopping!

Those that know me know that I can run up a tab. I love shopping and I am obsessed with shopping. It’s definitely a struggle yall, and the thing is that it doesn’t matter what I’m shopping for I just love shopping. So lets just say if you have some extra cash and need a shopping buddy I might be your girl lol. Anywho now that I have let you all up in my business let me get back to shopping, this trip new spectacles were on the agenda. I head over to Warby Parker, and immediately I’m in heaven. It was so modern, chic, and all things Asya B! I immediate found two pairs and I was off to my next stop…food! Now let me be clear, I’m a foodie. I enjoy a good meal, and I might be your new bestie if you feed me (hint, hint).

My selfcare meal was a throwback for me. When I first met my hubby we would always go to California Pizza Kitchen, so that’s where I headed. It was delightful, I ordered the tostada which is basically a pizza with salad on it. I sat there alone, no children to tell “stop, don’t touch that” or “wait…no…can I have extra napkins please.” If you’re a mom you feel my pain! It was amazing, I ate, smiled and enjoyed a peaceful lunch. I then stopped by a friends salon, and then off to buy new plants. I found an aloe vera plant, and a spanish lavender plant then I ran home. 

I came home full, I found my happy place and was ready to pour into my family again. I learned (again) that I have to put myself as #1, and selfcare is critical. In the end I decided that I needed to continuously pour into myself, so I decided to do a 21 days to joy selfcare journey. This journey is simple, every day I do something, explore something new big or small that brings me joy. The great news is that you get to go through the journey with me. I can’t promise that I will blog everyday, but I will give weekly updates. Join me! 21 days of joy starts now! 

Let me know what you think, and if you are joining me. 

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Until next time loves! 


Asya B. 


Black American Muslimah Friday Feature: Jannah Abdul-Rahman

Greetings loves!

Here we are again for another Black American Muslimah friday feature with Jannah Abdul-Rahman. I was initially drawn to Jannah when I started following her on Instagram @jannahnaimacollection. Those that know me know that I’m a fashion girl and, Jannah got my attention with her clutches with Arabic calligraphy embroidered on them. I saw these clutches and were in love with them, and after speaking with Jannah I knew she was perfect for the friday feature.

A native of New York City, although she currently calls the DMV home. Jannah has strong ties to the Muslim community, growing up in a family of entrepreneurs. Jannah’s family had one of the first Muslim African American bookstores in New York City which opened around 1977.

Jannah is life goals in so many ways! She is a wife of 16 years, mother of 3 children (15,12 & 10), a paralegal working for the federal government, and she is in the process of rebranding Jannah Naima Collection. This sister is one after my own heart because she lives life while striving to please Allah, grow consistently, and manage a very full life.

During our chat I asked Jannah the following questions:

TMM: What advice would you give your younger self?

J: Stay committed to your goals and when you find that passion go for it 100%.

TMM: What advice would your future self 10 years down the line give you now?

J: Remember that Allah (God) is in control. Strengthen the relationship with Allah, moving outside of being comfortable as a Muslim. I proud of this period that I am going through. It is one of self reflection and awakening. I’m learning that the experiences or tests of life have led me to be a great mother. When we are tested it makes us more grateful.

TMM: What inspires you?

J: My children, I try to be the best role model. I’m trying to practice self sacrifice.

TMM: What is one piece of advice that you would give to young ladies looking to get started in the fashion industry?

J: Look for your own uniqueness. As African American Muslims we have our style. Stop trying to assimilate. Love yourself, be yourself, and don’t be afraid to shine. Create your own style, know what works for you.

During our chat, Jannah also shared with me her perspective of working as a hijabi in a government roll. Although Jannah does face her share of challenges as the only black Muslim in her area, her faith consistently increases with them. Jannah is overcoming stereotypes by being a true example of what Islam is. Jannah overcomes the challenges by increasing her Iman (faith), thikring, and remembering that she is a muslimah.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with Jannah! I pray that Allah continues to guide, and increase her in her journey.

Stay tuned for the relaunch of Jannah Naima Collection!

Until next time!



Black American Muslimah Friday Feature: Leah Vernon

Hello loves!

Happy Friday! I am so super excited to officially launch the Black American Muslimah Friday feature campaign. This campaign is so near and dear to my heart, because I strongly believe in community and supporting my sisters. In a world where there is much competition my intention is to bring some love and light. If you follow me on our Instagram  you know that I have been positing pictures of sisters that inspire me for a little while now, but its definitely time to take it to the next level! Now that I have said all of that lets get to the first official Black American Muslimah Friday Feature, Leah Vernon.

If you haven’t heard of this beauty, but if you haven’t you can go ahead a climb from under that rock that you’ve been hiding under. Leah is life! She is a plus-size woman with style, personality, and a beautiful spirit. Leah pushes the boundaries of fashion and I absolutely love her! She is inspirational, encouraging, and everything you want a friend in your head to be. I reached out to Leah to be my first official feature for this campaign and she graciously agreed, and answered the following questions.

 TMM: What gives you the courage to be so bold as a plus-size muslimah?

Leah Vernon: It’s easy to have courage when you’ve fought so hard to gain it in the first place. I wasn’t always like this, I had very low to no courage and had to fight every day with insecurities. One day, I got tired of being tired. So, I made a conscious effort and a promise: always be the best version of you. And I’ve stayed in remembrance of that ever since then.

TMM : What piece of advice would you give to girls struggling to find comfort in their own skin?

Leah Vernon: First I’d ask, what’s their end goal? Who are you trying to be in this world? How do you want to perceive yourself and how do you want others to perceive you? You have to start at the foundation and be true to yourself. Secondly, why are you struggling to find comfort? Is it based on other people’s opinions of how you look, what you wear, how you sound? If that’s the case, you need to stop immediately. Stop allowing others to dictate your comfort level.

Thank you Leah for showing up and showing out, inspiring us to do and be more, and being a dope Black American Muslimah!

If you want to learn more about Leah Click Here to view her Instagram!

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Makeup Monday- Glam Alert! 

Hello beauties! In honor of makeup Monday I’m so excited to bring you ladies this glam alert! Just to give you a little insight on me I’m a lippie girl, I live for a fab lip! Bold bright colors are everything to me, I call them a statement lip. The only way that you can top a bold lippie in my book, would be to make it matte! Girl, guess what, that’s exactly what I have for you today so get excited!! 

Let’s talk about the new MAC Cosmetics Colour Rocker collection. This collection is an all matte line. Overall, I like the colors. Many of them look very similar to some previously released MAC lippies but, I have a few gems that I love. 

Evening Buzz is a grey lavender shade that reminds me of Nicki Minaj’s Viva Glam 2 but, I loved that lippie so this one definitely caught my eye. 

The next one that I love is Deep With Envy! This one is a forest green and it really doesn’t look like anything I can recall from MAC. 

I also like the Show and Teal! This is definitely a once in a while one for me but, definitely one to switch it up with. 

Now for the ultimate favorite……Matte Royal is beautiful. It is a royal blue color that I just love. I can definitely add that into my weekly rotation and especially for a girls night out. It definitely has personality and screams a good time. 

You can find all of these and much more at your local MAC store or Click Here!  

What do you girls think? Comment below and let me know. 

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Keeping it fly….the muslimah struggle!

Hello my beautiful sisters!I’m so grateful to gather here in this beautiful space! I want this to be a space and place where we can openly discuss challenges, tips, and grow together. With that being said the topic that I want to discuss is appearance in the home. There is so much beauty in being a muslimah! The magic of saving your beauty for your husband is so sacred in my eyes. If you’ve ready my blog when I first started writing I wrote about how I fell in love with being covered, and since that time I have totally embraced it. The area that I am challenged with understanding how we appear dull and unappealing in the home. This is a huge issue on many levels, but specifically if you are married. For that reason I want to share some points for consideration. 

Men are visual creatures, and unless you have a husband that sits at home reading the Quran everyday he sees a lot of women on a daily basis. Most of the women that he sees are not Muslim or covered. They are wearing makeup, their hair is uncovered, and many times they are well put together. The brother is seeing this throughout the day, and whether he lowers his gaze or not many times it’s difficult to escape. Fast forward he comes home after a day away from the home  and seeing all of these different images and you greet him with your sweatpants on and throw up on your shirt from the baby….not a comforting sight to say the least. Now I know that your husband is pious and he is pleased with his muslimah wife. That is a beautiful thing and I know that your marriage is happy, however it’s critical to be visual appealing in the home. Depending on your lifestyle and obligations you might not be able to greet him fully decked out EVERYDAY, but once a week is definitely doable. It can be as small as wearing something cute, putting on his favorite perfume, or a quick coat of lipstick/gloss and some mascara. Come on ladies! 

Now before you go there with me…As a wife and mother that works full time I understand the demands that are placed on women. After a long day of work it’s easy to come home uncover and slip into something comfortable and immediately get to the business of the home. I feel your pain and I know the struggle can be very real, now I want you to hear my heart. I’m your sister, and I want for my sister what I want for myself so I’m not going to leave you hanging. Here are some tips and tricks to keep it fly… 

  1. Be intentional! As we know intention is everything so just intend to make some small changes and you’re definitely moving in the right direction. 
  2. Start small- with all of the demands on our life I’m certainly not trying to create more work. Plan one day a week to switch it up and watch his reaction. 
  3. Keep it simple! You certainly don’t have to go out and get a new wordrobe. Find a couple of cute and simple hairstyles via YouTube university, a cute gloss, mascara and flattering outfit and you’re on your way. 
  4. Have fun! Don’t put pressure on yourself, you know your man. Do something that he would like and make it your own.

Sisters we are the best of both worlds so let’s keep it fly…and remind ourselves and our husbands that we are just that. 

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them below! 

Until next time loves….xo


What will we stand for?

Hello loves! I hope you’re having a fabulous day! 

First let me say that I never intended on blogging about politics, however I will always present the most authentic version of myself so here we are. First let me say that this isn’t about wether or not you are Trump supporter, this is a human rights and health and wellness issue. 

A few days ago, President Trump signed an order to move forward with pipeline expansions. When I initially heard this I was immediately saddened. I’m saddened because all of the protest,work, and the sacrifice that went into stopping the initial pipleline. Simply said having a oil pipeline running under a water supply is extremely risky. Oil pipelines burst all of the time, and should they burst in this case the water for an entire community would be without safe drinking water. Do we not understand that water is critical for human survival? I know we have a plethora of drinks to chose from in 2017, however none of them can be a sufficient replacement for water. 

In one word I’m disappointed! 

Disappointed that we really have elected officials that blatantly choose profit over health. This is no small issue! With gag orders on the EPA and other environment groups this leaves huge human health issues at risk. If they can’t talk about the contamination how will people know it’s happening. When I hear things like pushing past the “red tape” I immediate think it’scode for limiting research and procedures that will minimize the impact to people. I’m all for stacking a coin, and making profits but not with blood on my hands. Let us be clear this absolutely has the potential to end with significant impact to health and/or life.  

If there was any time to take a stand, it’s now. It’s time to mobilize and create systems to become self sufficient and self sustaining. This is critical, and not out of fear but out of necessity and the obligation that we have to protect ourselves and our children. This establishment is out to increase their bottom line at any cost, so the question remains what are you going to stand for? 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Until next time loves!



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Never a failure…

Hello loves,

First, let me thank you for being here with me during this journey. It is truly a blessing in my life to have beautiful people like you cross paths with me. Whether you’re here for a brief moment, or you will ride this thing with me too the wheels fall off I thank you!

Now that we got all of the sappy business out of the way let’s get to it 😝. This week for me has been full of healing, grace and life lessons. Those experiences led me to fully understand two things…1- life is beautiful and 2- God is absolutely amazing!

I am in awe and appreciation for the growth, guidance, and experiences that I find in every moment.  I recently had a conversation with a dear friend and she reminded me of a vital lesson…Asya you didn’t fail, you’re starting over. In life, there are cycles and seasons, just as there are seasons in nature. Many times we don’t fully understand the different seasons and so we misinterpret what is actually happening. If I can be transparent, in my 20s I decided that I wanted more and I felt that entrepreneurship was the answer. I am naturally an ambitious woman, and I always knew that I am destined for great things. The internal conflict for me in my current job was the inauthenticity and politics that exist in many corporate environments. So I set out as a Mary Kay beauty consultant. As a consultant, I learned a lot and met many amazing people but I kept feeling like I was holding myself back. I then branched off into being a freelance makeup artist. I loved it, playing in makeup, making women feel beautiful it was a match made in heaven. I learned a lot, met amazing people but… millions. Ugh, I thought, when am I going to pop? When am I going to be balling? I became frustrated and decided to put it all on hold. I didn’t want to do makeup because I told myself that I failed. At the time I didn’t understand that God was taking me through the seasons and teaching me everything thing that I would need to be here right at this very moment. Fast forward to today, I currently work full time in a sales position and I am revamping my brand The Modern Muslimah. I smile because the brand is a culmination of everything that I have done, or am currently doing. Don’t you just love that?! Don’t you just appreciate how God moves you and teaches you, and molds you and then one day He brings it all together. Am I there yet, nope….but I’m closer than I have ever been to those Millions. I said all of that to say that if you are where I’ve been or even where I am just remember….you didn’t fail, you’re just starting over.

❤️  in the journey of starting over.



A Journey to Womanhood!

My journey to womanhood is certainly an interesting one. I say “is” because it is constantly unfolding. Life has a beautiful way of showing you that no matter how much you learn and grow there is always more. At the age of 35, I’m certainly not the self-righteous girl I was in high school or the slick mouth little girl I once was but I am still becoming. My journey thus far has taught me that you should always aim to show up as the most authentic version of yourself at that time. In my life that can range from being a total mess that needs some rest and self-care, or in another moment I can be an inspiration talking a random person off the ledge. For me that is the beauty of my journey, it is filled with oxymorons with high highs and low lows but that’s me and I’m ok with it. So to give a great picture of my journey I will say it’s been amazing, full of mistakes, successes, joy, pain, love, passion, happiness, and in the end some great stories. I pray that hearing from me about my journey has inspired you to embrace your journey with your whole heart. Now to share more of my heart with you I leave you with some advice that I have found helpful. 

1. Trust yourself and your journey! There is no such thing as a perfect life so embrace the one that you have. 
2. Pray! It’s important to have times where you get quite so that you can listen. Ask for guidance when you are unsure, for me that’s a conversation with God but whatever that is for you do that. 
3. Defy the odds! There will always be people who doubt you and the light that you are chosen to bring into the world, do it anyway. Live boldly and shine! 
4. Show up! In every space and place be authentic, there are enough people pretending. Just a warning in advance not everyone will be able to handle it and that’s ok, do it anyway. 
5. Live a story worth telling! I always joke that I will be the fly old lady with the best stories. 
I pray that this blessed you as much as it has me to share! Girl power! 

Faith over everything

In life you have these moments when it seems like the world is crumbling around you. I’m not sure what that might look like for you but for me it’s not pretty. I consider this blog a safe space so don’t come up in here with those judgmental eyes like you have it all together because you don’t! At least not all of the time, we all have seasons when we are moving to the next level or just venturing out on a new journey where having it together is the last thing we are. Well that’s where I am or I have been this past week. Work, husband, children and business have all been giving me a serious beating. Oh and not to mention the anniversary of my sister Iman’s  death was yesterday, I’ve been going through it to say the least…..but today it hit me. I’m on the brink of some great things, some amazing things. I’ve had new vision and clarity about the next moves for my business. I’m a lot clearer at work and focused on getting the job done, and my hubby just remodeled the children’s room. I’m winning, even with all of the struggle, all of the strain, frustration, and exhaustion I’m still winning. I’m winning and if you are in the midst of struggle know that you are winning too. Even though it doesn’t feel like it, even though you would give almost anything to go back to the comfort and normalcy that you once knew, don’t!! Keep pushing, keep striving, and keep winning. For me I realized that everything around me was trying to distract me and keep me at the same level. So today I reminded myself of how many times I relied on Allah (God) and how many things He has brought me through. He has never left me or let me down so through the storm, the struggle, the growth I’m keeping my faith on fleek ;).The title says it best….Faith over everything!

Here’s to winning  and walking into that next level with grace!

Until next time!