21 Days of Joy- A Self Care Journey

Hello loves! 
It’s been a quick minute, but I have been one busy woman. I don’t know about you, but for me it seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day or days in a week. As a mom of four, wife, working full time and building a business there is always something that has to be done. As women we have this notion th at we have to be everyone to everything to everyone, and we end up at the bottom. This past weekend I hit a wall! I needed rest and I needed it now so I dedicated Saturday as a self care day. I got up, got dressed and set out on an adventure and the first stop was shopping!

Those that know me know that I can run up a tab. I love shopping and I am obsessed with shopping. It’s definitely a struggle yall, and the thing is that it doesn’t matter what I’m shopping for I just love shopping. So lets just say if you have some extra cash and need a shopping buddy I might be your girl lol. Anywho now that I have let you all up in my business let me get back to shopping, this trip new spectacles were on the agenda. I head over to Warby Parker, and immediately I’m in heaven. It was so modern, chic, and all things Asya B! I immediate found two pairs and I was off to my next stop…food! Now let me be clear, I’m a foodie. I enjoy a good meal, and I might be your new bestie if you feed me (hint, hint).

My selfcare meal was a throwback for me. When I first met my hubby we would always go to California Pizza Kitchen, so that’s where I headed. It was delightful, I ordered the tostada which is basically a pizza with salad on it. I sat there alone, no children to tell “stop, don’t touch that” or “wait…no…can I have extra napkins please.” If you’re a mom you feel my pain! It was amazing, I ate, smiled and enjoyed a peaceful lunch. I then stopped by a friends salon, and then off to buy new plants. I found an aloe vera plant, and a spanish lavender plant then I ran home. 

I came home full, I found my happy place and was ready to pour into my family again. I learned (again) that I have to put myself as #1, and selfcare is critical. In the end I decided that I needed to continuously pour into myself, so I decided to do a 21 days to joy selfcare journey. This journey is simple, every day I do something, explore something new big or small that brings me joy. The great news is that you get to go through the journey with me. I can’t promise that I will blog everyday, but I will give weekly updates. Join me! 21 days of joy starts now! 

Let me know what you think, and if you are joining me. 

Follow me on Instagram @themodernmuslimah for daily updates along the journey. 

Until next time loves! 


Asya B. 



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