Black American Muslimah Friday Feature: Jannah Abdul-Rahman

Greetings loves!

Here we are again for another Black American Muslimah friday feature with Jannah Abdul-Rahman. I was initially drawn to Jannah when I started following her on Instagram @jannahnaimacollection. Those that know me know that I’m a fashion girl and, Jannah got my attention with her clutches with Arabic calligraphy embroidered on them. I saw these clutches and were in love with them, and after speaking with Jannah I knew she was perfect for the friday feature.

A native of New York City, although she currently calls the DMV home. Jannah has strong ties to the Muslim community, growing up in a family of entrepreneurs. Jannah’s family had one of the first Muslim African American bookstores in New York City which opened around 1977.

Jannah is life goals in so many ways! She is a wife of 16 years, mother of 3 children (15,12 & 10), a paralegal working for the federal government, and she is in the process of rebranding Jannah Naima Collection. This sister is one after my own heart because she lives life while striving to please Allah, grow consistently, and manage a very full life.

During our chat I asked Jannah the following questions:

TMM: What advice would you give your younger self?

J: Stay committed to your goals and when you find that passion go for it 100%.

TMM: What advice would your future self 10 years down the line give you now?

J: Remember that Allah (God) is in control. Strengthen the relationship with Allah, moving outside of being comfortable as a Muslim. I proud of this period that I am going through. It is one of self reflection and awakening. I’m learning that the experiences or tests of life have led me to be a great mother. When we are tested it makes us more grateful.

TMM: What inspires you?

J: My children, I try to be the best role model. I’m trying to practice self sacrifice.

TMM: What is one piece of advice that you would give to young ladies looking to get started in the fashion industry?

J: Look for your own uniqueness. As African American Muslims we have our style. Stop trying to assimilate. Love yourself, be yourself, and don’t be afraid to shine. Create your own style, know what works for you.

During our chat, Jannah also shared with me her perspective of working as a hijabi in a government roll. Although Jannah does face her share of challenges as the only black Muslim in her area, her faith consistently increases with them. Jannah is overcoming stereotypes by being a true example of what Islam is. Jannah overcomes the challenges by increasing her Iman (faith), thikring, and remembering that she is a muslimah.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with Jannah! I pray that Allah continues to guide, and increase her in her journey.

Stay tuned for the relaunch of Jannah Naima Collection!

Until next time!




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