Keeping it fly….the muslimah struggle!

Hello my beautiful sisters!I’m so grateful to gather here in this beautiful space! I want this to be a space and place where we can openly discuss challenges, tips, and grow together. With that being said the topic that I want to discuss is appearance in the home. There is so much beauty in being a muslimah! The magic of saving your beauty for your husband is so sacred in my eyes. If you’ve ready my blog when I first started writing I wrote about how I fell in love with being covered, and since that time I have totally embraced it. The area that I am challenged with understanding how we appear dull and unappealing in the home. This is a huge issue on many levels, but specifically if you are married. For that reason I want to share some points for consideration. 

Men are visual creatures, and unless you have a husband that sits at home reading the Quran everyday he sees a lot of women on a daily basis. Most of the women that he sees are not Muslim or covered. They are wearing makeup, their hair is uncovered, and many times they are well put together. The brother is seeing this throughout the day, and whether he lowers his gaze or not many times it’s difficult to escape. Fast forward he comes home after a day away from the home  and seeing all of these different images and you greet him with your sweatpants on and throw up on your shirt from the baby….not a comforting sight to say the least. Now I know that your husband is pious and he is pleased with his muslimah wife. That is a beautiful thing and I know that your marriage is happy, however it’s critical to be visual appealing in the home. Depending on your lifestyle and obligations you might not be able to greet him fully decked out EVERYDAY, but once a week is definitely doable. It can be as small as wearing something cute, putting on his favorite perfume, or a quick coat of lipstick/gloss and some mascara. Come on ladies! 

Now before you go there with me…As a wife and mother that works full time I understand the demands that are placed on women. After a long day of work it’s easy to come home uncover and slip into something comfortable and immediately get to the business of the home. I feel your pain and I know the struggle can be very real, now I want you to hear my heart. I’m your sister, and I want for my sister what I want for myself so I’m not going to leave you hanging. Here are some tips and tricks to keep it fly… 

  1. Be intentional! As we know intention is everything so just intend to make some small changes and you’re definitely moving in the right direction. 
  2. Start small- with all of the demands on our life I’m certainly not trying to create more work. Plan one day a week to switch it up and watch his reaction. 
  3. Keep it simple! You certainly don’t have to go out and get a new wordrobe. Find a couple of cute and simple hairstyles via YouTube university, a cute gloss, mascara and flattering outfit and you’re on your way. 
  4. Have fun! Don’t put pressure on yourself, you know your man. Do something that he would like and make it your own.

Sisters we are the best of both worlds so let’s keep it fly…and remind ourselves and our husbands that we are just that. 

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them below! 

Until next time loves….xo



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