What will we stand for?

Hello loves! I hope you’re having a fabulous day! 

First let me say that I never intended on blogging about politics, however I will always present the most authentic version of myself so here we are. First let me say that this isn’t about wether or not you are Trump supporter, this is a human rights and health and wellness issue. 

A few days ago, President Trump signed an order to move forward with pipeline expansions. When I initially heard this I was immediately saddened. I’m saddened because all of the protest,work, and the sacrifice that went into stopping the initial pipleline. Simply said having a oil pipeline running under a water supply is extremely risky. Oil pipelines burst all of the time, and should they burst in this case the water for an entire community would be without safe drinking water. Do we not understand that water is critical for human survival? I know we have a plethora of drinks to chose from in 2017, however none of them can be a sufficient replacement for water. 

In one word I’m disappointed! 

Disappointed that we really have elected officials that blatantly choose profit over health. This is no small issue! With gag orders on the EPA and other environment groups this leaves huge human health issues at risk. If they can’t talk about the contamination how will people know it’s happening. When I hear things like pushing past the “red tape” I immediate think it’scode for limiting research and procedures that will minimize the impact to people. I’m all for stacking a coin, and making profits but not with blood on my hands. Let us be clear this absolutely has the potential to end with significant impact to health and/or life.  

If there was any time to take a stand, it’s now. It’s time to mobilize and create systems to become self sufficient and self sustaining. This is critical, and not out of fear but out of necessity and the obligation that we have to protect ourselves and our children. This establishment is out to increase their bottom line at any cost, so the question remains what are you going to stand for? 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Until next time loves!



Photo cred: Instagram @unclerush


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