Never a failure…

Hello loves,

First, let me thank you for being here with me during this journey. It is truly a blessing in my life to have beautiful people like you cross paths with me. Whether you’re here for a brief moment, or you will ride this thing with me too the wheels fall off I thank you!

Now that we got all of the sappy business out of the way let’s get to it 😝. This week for me has been full of healing, grace and life lessons. Those experiences led me to fully understand two things…1- life is beautiful and 2- God is absolutely amazing!

I am in awe and appreciation for the growth, guidance, and experiences that I find in every moment.  I recently had a conversation with a dear friend and she reminded me of a vital lesson…Asya you didn’t fail, you’re starting over. In life, there are cycles and seasons, just as there are seasons in nature. Many times we don’t fully understand the different seasons and so we misinterpret what is actually happening. If I can be transparent, in my 20s I decided that I wanted more and I felt that entrepreneurship was the answer. I am naturally an ambitious woman, and I always knew that I am destined for great things. The internal conflict for me in my current job was the inauthenticity and politics that exist in many corporate environments. So I set out as a Mary Kay beauty consultant. As a consultant, I learned a lot and met many amazing people but I kept feeling like I was holding myself back. I then branched off into being a freelance makeup artist. I loved it, playing in makeup, making women feel beautiful it was a match made in heaven. I learned a lot, met amazing people but… millions. Ugh, I thought, when am I going to pop? When am I going to be balling? I became frustrated and decided to put it all on hold. I didn’t want to do makeup because I told myself that I failed. At the time I didn’t understand that God was taking me through the seasons and teaching me everything thing that I would need to be here right at this very moment. Fast forward to today, I currently work full time in a sales position and I am revamping my brand The Modern Muslimah. I smile because the brand is a culmination of everything that I have done, or am currently doing. Don’t you just love that?! Don’t you just appreciate how God moves you and teaches you, and molds you and then one day He brings it all together. Am I there yet, nope….but I’m closer than I have ever been to those Millions. I said all of that to say that if you are where I’ve been or even where I am just remember….you didn’t fail, you’re just starting over.

❤️  in the journey of starting over.




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