A Journey to Womanhood!

My journey to womanhood is certainly an interesting one. I say “is” because it is constantly unfolding. Life has a beautiful way of showing you that no matter how much you learn and grow there is always more. At the age of 35, I’m certainly not the self-righteous girl I was in high school or the slick mouth little girl I once was but I am still becoming. My journey thus far has taught me that you should always aim to show up as the most authentic version of yourself at that time. In my life that can range from being a total mess that needs some rest and self-care, or in another moment I can be an inspiration talking a random person off the ledge. For me that is the beauty of my journey, it is filled with oxymorons with high highs and low lows but that’s me and I’m ok with it. So to give a great picture of my journey I will say it’s been amazing, full of mistakes, successes, joy, pain, love, passion, happiness, and in the end some great stories. I pray that hearing from me about my journey has inspired you to embrace your journey with your whole heart. Now to share more of my heart with you I leave you with some advice that I have found helpful. 

1. Trust yourself and your journey! There is no such thing as a perfect life so embrace the one that you have. 
2. Pray! It’s important to have times where you get quite so that you can listen. Ask for guidance when you are unsure, for me that’s a conversation with God but whatever that is for you do that. 
3. Defy the odds! There will always be people who doubt you and the light that you are chosen to bring into the world, do it anyway. Live boldly and shine! 
4. Show up! In every space and place be authentic, there are enough people pretending. Just a warning in advance not everyone will be able to handle it and that’s ok, do it anyway. 
5. Live a story worth telling! I always joke that I will be the fly old lady with the best stories. 
I pray that this blessed you as much as it has me to share! Girl power! 

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