Faith over everything

In life you have these moments when it seems like the world is crumbling around you. I’m not sure what that might look like for you but for me it’s not pretty. I consider this blog a safe space so don’t come up in here with those judgmental eyes like you have it all together because you don’t! At least not all of the time, we all have seasons when we are moving to the next level or just venturing out on a new journey where having it together is the last thing we are. Well that’s where I am or I have been this past week. Work, husband, children and business have all been giving me a serious beating. Oh and not to mention the anniversary of my sister Iman’s  death was yesterday, I’ve been going through it to say the least…..but today it hit me. I’m on the brink of some great things, some amazing things. I’ve had new vision and clarity about the next moves for my business. I’m a lot clearer at work and focused on getting the job done, and my hubby just remodeled the children’s room. I’m winning, even with all of the struggle, all of the strain, frustration, and exhaustion I’m still winning. I’m winning and if you are in the midst of struggle know that you are winning too. Even though it doesn’t feel like it, even though you would give almost anything to go back to the comfort and normalcy that you once knew, don’t!! Keep pushing, keep striving, and keep winning. For me I realized that everything around me was trying to distract me and keep me at the same level. So today I reminded myself of how many times I relied on Allah (God) and how many things He has brought me through. He has never left me or let me down so through the storm, the struggle, the growth I’m keeping my faith on fleek ;).The title says it best….Faith over everything!

Here’s to winning  and walking into that next level with grace!

Until next time!




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