Next Level Moves…

“When opposition is coming from every direction in your life smile and remember that it’s only coming to stop you from moving to the next level! “ – Asya B.

Those who know me know I love a quote. I love reflection and I love wisdom. I also have a deep desire to heal myself and inspire the healing of others. I originally gave the above quote to a friend that I believe is moving towards her next level, but now that I reflect on it this quote is very relevant to my life and this season. While I do believe that everything that happens in my life is for my good and is preparing me to reach my higher self, the humanity in me struggles sometimes. If I can be transparent for a moment I struggle at times when I am put in a position to move forward. Not because I am not interested in reaching my fullest potential because I certainly am, but often I have struggled with the sacrifices that you have to make along the way. Often these sacrifices come in different ways, and no matter how many times I go through this process it always seems that the next sacrifice is more difficult than the last. Sometimes the sacrifices come in the form of a relationship that might have to end, or transforming your thoughts around a situation. For me my current sacrifice is facing my fear and the option of being rejected. There I said it and I’m totally cringing at the thought of posting this but hey what better way to face your fear than to put it out for the world to see. 😉

So here I am facing my fear, and pushing past it in a daring way. The funny thing about it all is that we can all do it. We can all move to the next level and all we have to do is have the courage to make the sacrifice. Are you willing to make the sacrifice? I promise you it won’t be as bad as you think. For me one of my current sacrifices is allowing people to see that I am much more than a cute girl that’s obsessed with fashion and makeup. We are all so much more complex than that, but let’s be clear that hasn’t changed I live for a matte lippie and a fly heal. It’s all about balance so don’t be surprised if you see me serving face in a selfie in my next post lol. Before I sign off let me say that I am grateful for the courage to embrace this process and your willingness to walk with me.

Thank you and wishing you grace in your next level sacrifice!

Until next time…..xo



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