The Day I Fell In Love…

Life is so full of moments that bring you to the next moment and then the next moment. As you are living unless you are a self reflective person you really don’t realize how the signs and interactions are guiding you on a path. As I reflect on my path I remember the day that I fell in love with modesty. It was 2011 shortly after my sister Iman (may Allah have mercy on her) passed away.  My step mother decided to convert to Islam and my family was overjoyed. It was an interesting time for me besides the fact that I just suffered a tremendous loss I was also at the point where I  didn’t feel like a “good muslim.” I was in the midst my life which included a husband, three daughters, working, partying and I honestly settled into the idea that this was just going to be my life. I laugh now because I can see clearly how Allah was calling me to something slightly different than the regular turn up and it came in the form of one of my grandmothers closest friends.

To celebrate and welcome my step mother to the religion my grandmother decided to host a sisters luncheon with a few of her closest friends. I can’t remember why I decided to show up but I did and interestingly enough I was wearing a pair of leggings and a tee shirt. As you can see I’m a bit of a rebel ;). So I here I am in the midst of a muslim sister luncheon wearing leggings  completely feeling out of place as they tell stories and give sisterly advice. Everything inside of me wanted to leave but for some reason I couldn’t, and then it happened. I saw the most beautiful image I had ever seen before! My grandmother’s girlfriend just arrived wearing an all black over garment. I glanced over and once she started to get comfortable she began taking it off and I was stunned. I was in complete amazement, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Although it probably happened rather fast for me it was in slow motion, and it was  literally the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. My heart immediately wanted that feeling! I couldn’t get that image out of my head so much so that I went home and told my husband all about it. I remember saying to him ” Babe, isn’t  that amazing?” and he responded “I guess.” Obviously he didn’t get it, he didn’t see the magic and beauty that I just encountered. I was so excited I explained it all step by step about how special it was and how beautiful I thought it was that a woman would save her beauty for her husband. There was something magical about it and I was completely in love. Its a story that I will never forget and looking back I realize that Allah was in the process of preparing me for the day that I would do the same. I’m still pretty far from wearing an over garment but I can say that a year ago I began wearing the hijab! Although the journey isn’t perfect writing this post reminded me how beautiful and powerful it actually is.

Until next time….xo Asya


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