The Journey Begins…..

Sitting here reflecting on my life and the many different twists and turns it has taken one thing is for sure I have certainly been under a huge amount of grace and mercy from My Lord. The thought of that makes me smile because I know I certainly gave Him a lot to work with. If anyone would have told me four years ago that I would be sitting here as the owner of a lifestyle brand named The Modern Muslimah I would have laughed first then politely told them sorry you must have the wrong girl. Although my roots and Islamic teachings never left my heart I was fully engulfed in this world and had no plans of departing from my party girl ways. In some ways I thought I was happy I was moving aggressively towards my career goals and was quite content having a stiff cocktail  or two or ten on the weekends and even some weekdays but I digress. Before I go any further let me warn you this is not going to be your cookie cutter blog because I’m not really a cookie cutter kind of chick so feel free to carry on if this isn’t for you. Now if you’re still with me let me continue I was moving fast  and it felt kind of good well at least until it didn’t. I was drowning hard and fast and I knew that the only one that could save me is God, whom I refer to as Allah. So I begged and pleaded with Him to save me and He definitely delivered. Fast forward a few years I’m grateful to say that and not only did He save my life when I literally should have died but He also led me to a path that I never would have envisioned for myself part of which is The Modern Muslimah. I’ve certainly come a long way and I am so grateful and humbled to be at this point. My faith any worship is deeper than it has been my entire life, I have a new found dedication to my family and business. I’ve also decided to boldly move in the area of blogging and even though I generally wouldn’t put all of my business out for the world to see I know that there are girls and women sitting in the places that I used to sit wondering how and when things will get better and for them I am here. I’m pretty sure that this journey won’t be perfect but I pray that it blesses your life and if  you can stay and see how this journey unfolds. So now it begins…..



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